Tracks 1 & 2 are new Beat Chamber tracks from upcoming unreleased projects. I wrote Rise and Overcome in 2013. Decode was written by Rod Goelz and myself, also in 2013.


Tracks 3 & 4 are from Beat Chamber's EP by Cunao, Llano, Llanero, Lloron. This EP won an LA Music Critic Award for best new international release in early 2014. One of the tracks was also featured on From Dusk to Dawn on the El Rey network in 2014. Julio Montero, Danny Osuna and I wrote and produced these tracks.

Track 5 features KT Scene, KT is a Hip Hop artist that I’ve worked with a few times, this is a track that I wrote with KT and had Travis Neal do some vocal ad libs on. This song was featured in Arena starring Samuel L Jackson and Kellan Lutz.

Track 6 features Greg Hanna on bass and vocals. Greg played bass with The Dickies as well as Pete Anderson. Greg also used to play bass with DH Peligro (Dead Kennedy’s). Can't Be Stopped was produced for Beat Chamber Records and was featured on Season 2 of Blue Mountain State (Spike TV). Greg Hanna, Danny Osuna, Brian Roche and I wrote all of the tracks on this release for Beat Chamber Records.


Track 7 features Rabia Ciega. Danny Osuna and I wrote for and produced this artist for Beat Chamber Records. Te Estoy Buscando was featured on CSI in 2014. Other songs from this album were featured in the Disney film "Cutting Edge 3" as well as in "Burn Notice".

Tracks 8 & 9 are songs that Danny Osuna and I wrote. Vocals by Roverto Ibanez.




Tracks 10 & 11 are from Beat Chamber's 2012 trailer collection, Cryptic. Into the Fray was written by Danny Osuna and myself, Generator was written by me.

Tracks 12 & 13 are from Kemikal Burns CD, Liar’s Portrait featuring Travis Neal on vocals. I wrote both songs with Travis and Brian Roche (drums). Travis also sings for "Divine Heresy" (Century Media Records) as well as The Bloodline.


Track 14 features Malise, a bi-lingual Hip Hop artist. We combined a lot of styles for his first Beat Chamber Records release - "Esta Noche". This is the title track which was featured on From Dusk Till Dawn (El Rey). Malise's music has also been featured Burn Notice (USA).


Tracks 15 - 18 are a few assorted instrumental tracks, "Think Fast" was placed in the fifth season of Burn Notice. "Vendetta" was heavily featured in the first season of Storage Hunters.